Aloha Maui, Hawaii

To beat the heat of Maui, we discovered “Shave ice”. It was available at nearly every street of the island and was a perfect sweet treat to enjoy while being out in the sun!

Hawaiin shave ice is an ice based dessert made by shaving a block of ice. It looked very similar to a snow cone but the locals their thought that calling it as “snow cone” was an insult or a curse! Indeed those guys were quite possessive about their name.

The bottom had a scoop of ice-cream covered with ice shavings. To make it flavourful, they added various liquid flavoralls and made it very colourful thus appealing to the eyes and thus treating the taste buds with its unique taste.

This dessert brought back many memories of my childhood when i used to eat a similar thing in summers back home in Pakistan. There it was named as “GOLA” in Urdu and just had crushed ice. Hawaii being a developed island had added its creativity by adding ice-cream in the bottom.

I played safe and ordered the classic rainbow flavour and enjoyed every bite of it. Hawaiian culture was reflected from even their colourful ice creams.

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