Birth Announcement

Birth announcements can be as creative or as simple as you desire! These favours were very close to me for a couple of interesting reasons. Mainly, it was an announcement for a girl! For those who know me, can well imagine my level of excitement!

Raspberry cupcakes

These favours were distributed by “Paternal Aunt” or “Phupoo” as I call in Urdu. This one blood relationship can make or break a lot of other relations. I being a “Phupoo” myself know how exciting it gets when your niece arrives into this world. The whole atmosphere becomes energetic and you just want to express your happiness in one way or the other.

Being the creative person I am, these boxes helped me explore another aspect of my self. The details on the box ranging from the announcement labels to the filling in the cupcake all ranged in “pink” and the “rose” was the cherry on the top.

I decorated a white box with pearls, cute stickers, pink bow and a customized birth announcement label for the new born.

This girlie announcement was the best gift this little princess could have received from her special aunt!

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