Fabulous Eighteenth …..

Birthday is a special day for everyone, and a perfect cake will seal the deal.

An 18th birthday is kind of a big deal. While there isn’t a traditional celebration for it like a sweet 16th birthday and it’s certainly not a celebration on the level of a wedding, the passage to adulthood nonetheless calls for a wonderful cake!


This special gold naked cake not only looked pretty at the table setting but tasted delicious! Chocolate Ferraro rocheo cake decorated with gold macaroons, gold meringue kisses, edible gold flower and a few fresh white flowers decked up the cake like a doll.

I made 2 separate cakes; 6″ and 10″. A 6″ cake serves 8 to 12 people and 8″ serves 15 to 20. This is a good size of cake if you are hosting a mix of kids and adults who are a die hard chocolate fan. This cake ideally serves 35 people. Both the tiers were first iced and then placed on a cake board for adding the decorations/accessories to the cake. Flower is made a few days in advance so it was dry and was easily placed on the cake.

The flower garlands can be used to decorate cake table. These are available at Michaels Stores (USA and Canada) and always add their fresh zeal to the table. You can also add a fresh flower garland which is available at most florist stores.

Do you have a special 18th birthday party coming up? Use this naked cake idea and impress your guests.

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