Harry Potter ….

For all Harry Potter fans and I being one of them, this cake was a challenge in a good way! I had to look at the accessories deeply so I can do justice to the magical character – which meant I had to watch all the movies again (a valid reason this time!)

Harry Potter’s character has touched us all in some way or the other. Seen him grow from a confused kid to a mature man who can destroy the dark forces with his magical powers, one gets mesmerized! I made this special Harry Potter cake for 2 girls a few months apart. Both of them were avid readers and had watched the movies a few hundred times so their parents thought they were a perfect fit for a “Harry Porter” themed cake! This character is famous amongst all! Be it a girl or boy, Harry Potter has made us see the hidden world of wizards, magic, dragons & spells.

This journey was truly special! I decided to do a cake which would bring out the hidden wizards inside the birthday girl! Specially crafted at Hogwarts and laden with charm and sweetness to make her party really magical! Chocolate cake, fudge filling, a hint of smokey coconut and a touch of magic aroma in the flavour made the cake extra wizardry.

For the accessories I decided to do the famous HP scarf, golden Snitch, wand, famous book, Potter glasses and the Sorting Hat. Each one of them is handcrafted, painted and dusted to give the feel of an actual accessory. I’ve used the HP font for the birthday message and actually a free hand attempt by me. Turned out pretty good and excited to share the final product with you all! Kind of fulfilled this quote “I am what I am an’ I’m not ashamed”

For me the first impression is the last impression. Hence handing over the final product to the birthday girl was the most magical part as it made a lasting impression. Wrapped with love, I let the cake do the magic! Pour me with some encouraging comments so I can keep on working and improving my skills!

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