We will miss you :(

Goodbyes are hard but this bitter sweet feeling is reduced if some caring friends make this journey smooth. The difficult good-bye transition is made easy by kind gestures such as throwing a memorable farewell party!

A naked cake always stands out with its rustic appeal to the eye. Strawberries were added in the layers with buttercream to give a sweet flavour to the cake.

I got a special “We will miss you” topper made to go with the theme. Doing edible flowers is a laborious work but the end result of gum paste flower makes it all worth it. I made this flower a few days in advance so it could dry and be placed on top of the cake. Lavender being “Kanwal’s” favourite colour was incorporated beautifully on the cake. Macaroons are sweet bites easily made with a few ingredients and always add a classy touch to the cake. I topped the cake with unsweetened coconut flakes to give an unfinished top. Seriously creativity has no bounds.

Planning a party is never easy and hostess was very concerned that all the details reflected her love for her dear friend. The cake taste and design were a major talk at the party!

Are you planning a farewell for your loved ones? Use this naked cake idea to rock your party!

Leave some “love”ly comment so your love can multiply!



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