Business World Hurdles

Starting my own blog has been in the pipeline for over a year but whenever I would actually sit to start one, I would question myself. Why do I want to start my Blog? What would I share there? Do I have the ability to actually make a difference for someone? Where do I see my blog to go in 2 years,5 years,10 years? What would be the purpose of this? These and a million other questions would pop in my head just as they popped when I initially decided to start my Cake Biz. I had no idea I would be able to make cakes in the first place yet start a small business out of it. Being a boss of my own and learning new techniques over time has let me venture my own self as well.

Bloggers for me were “some particular kind of species” who have some magical set of traits. Blogging world seems so glamorous and at times fake but who knows what the reality is until you hit the beam!

So breaking the self created stereotypes I thought Ill make my own personal space with no agendas, no stress, where Ill just share general tips and tricks I’ve learned or experienced in the past years of baking!

For as long as I remember baking has been my hobby! Economist by profession but baker at heart I analyzed the demand supply link very early on and realized maybe I can do something! BUT it was not an easy journey.

Chocolate heaven

Of all the problems I felt there were few who would support wholeheartedly but many others would discourage and hence I would start again from ground zero. This lack of Support and Confidence interfered both with my physical and mental abilities. I was only able to get back on track once I was able to over come this. Not that I was looking for support from individuals but actually I was lacking self confidence. The day I felt I’m in charge of my life and this is what I want, it became my business and no one was able to change that!

Vanilla bean Cake

Ill share a few of the things I learned that are making a difference for my sanity. If you are a cake decorator or an employer there is no difference how you deal with your clients.

  • Imagine you work at an oil company where they pay you a fixed salary. This makes complete sense to all of us! But when this same situation comes to a home based business like you or me this will not be the same. Why? The answer is simple because I am that polite person who will drain myself just because I love my work. I will under charge my time and effort because I’m not an employee of that big oil company. Over time I’ve developed my skills and this is my full time job. People need to understand that a small business can only flourish if people let it stay in business. Stop criticizing her (read:me) of the shortcomings, rather if you can’t support them by using their services/products don’t discourage them.
  • Learn to say “no” to people who give you the impression that they are doing a favour by placing their order with you. You (read: I) cannot do any last minute orders. I have schedules and need time to deliver things properly. We all have over head costs so don’t ask for unreasonable price reductions. Take a task that you are comfortable doing and if you feel some particular design is not your speciality, let them know before hand rather than creating a fuss at the time of pick up. Also be mindful and direct them to someone who can be an expert for that particular design and please do not feel guilty that you said “NO” to that person.
Chocolate kit kat Cake

  • If you have chosen to stay home with your kids and do work that suits your needs and desires, people need to respect and act accordingly. From early on if you set the expectations correct, people will understand your worth and rather than you accommodating them, they will be accommodating you! This might sound rude but the sooner you learn to act properly, the better you will be equipped to handle people.
  • Another important thing I learned was I was surrounded by many inspiring and helpful people. It was just the ice breaking session of reaching out and asking them for advise that I realized I was missing out on getting all the positive vibes and some of the genuine advises I’ve ever received. Try not to surround yourself with negative people as it will start to reflect from your body language sooner than later.
Ready to face the world!

2 thoughts on “Business World Hurdles

  1. You are starting to become a blogger 🙂

    One piece of advise (from a reader’s standpoint) … keep it only positive! Even the hard lessons need icing. Check out a few articles on “the art of storytelling” … good read!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are starting to become quite a blogger 🙂

    Would love to read a blog on how it was when you made your first customer delivery, to a customer you didn’t know before!

    Liked by 1 person

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