Milestone Wedding Anniversary Cake

Celebrations play a vital role in life to move in the right direction. For most of us marriage is the intention of 2 people to live together for the whole life (hopefully). Just like any other relationship, there are ups and downs but the hard part is to let go of all the down’s and cherish all the ups together. By doing this we actually enjoy the moment and fear no regrets later in life! Does this sound too philosophical? Well, yes it is easier said than done and practically quite difficult as well but definitely doable. Love, care, respect, compromise, determination and a million other emotions add to the list to make this relationship work. But its not just these 2 people that make this work but rather the whole village around plays the role.

Celebrating your special days together and cherishing the beautiful memories you have made with your spouse is very important. This serves as a reminder of how “love” evolved over time. There is a first for everything and last weekend I happened to do my first “5 tier Cake”. Yes, it was not an easy task and I was quite skeptical with all the “ifs” and “buts” which kept on increasing as I was approaching the final day. From baking to assembling of the cake, it was a very stressful journey.

Planned ahead of time and made around 25 edible flowers, a few extra too just in case some of them broke at the day of delivery.

The bride had sent me her dress colours and I matched with the colour of the flowers and this just made my task of deciding which colour would look better than the other on a naked cake a bit easier.

Made a few gold leaves to go with the flowers to add a subtle shade of gold as that was the client’s requirement. The second step was to bake big size tiers. Since the cake had to serve almost 300 people, I decided to do the biggest tier size as a 16″ cake. Even baking is very important for the cakes to stay moist and texture to stay fluffy.

The best results are always achieved when I use bake even strips by Wilton. All you have to do is place them wet around the cake pan and they will absorb moisture and keep the edges of the pan cooler for even baking and perfectly level tops.(

Once all the cakes were cooled the third step of icing and fillings was done. Each cake had layers of moist chocolate cake with homemade nutella buttercream folded with Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

The fourth step was to assemble 5 tiers on top of each other. I inserted dowels in each tier using a simple strategy which worked for me. For 2 or 3 inches of the pan size you would need one dowel.

For instance for a 16′ cake pan, I inserted 7 dowels. In each tier one dowel should be inserted in the middle and the rest 2 inches apart from each other. Put a thick layer of icing before placing another tier on top so it sticks completely with the bottom tier. Add the accessories as you place the remaining tiers on top.

I added a few Gold Macaroons to go with the gold touches.

Ferrero Rocher triple chocolate naked cake wrapped with white buttercream with tiffany coloured edible flowers and gold accents created a magical affect to this 20th anniversary cake!

The back views of the gorgeous centre piece at the event table. Cake stand was decorated using artificial flowers and made a serious impact on the guests!

8 thoughts on “Milestone Wedding Anniversary Cake

  1. Your work is adorable ! Shows immense dedication , Enjoyed and loved every bit of its description , πŸ’• the minute details in the making is so inspiring 😘

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