Flying Squirrel Birthday Party!

Two weeks ago my younger son turned 7. From the day he was born, he has a very calm and compromising personality. He listens to whatever I say, follows most of the rules and is the kind of kid all parents desire. At times, I wonder if this is a phase that will last forever! Wishful thinking I guess! He, unlike other kids his age, isn’t the demanding sort. Seldom does he ask for something that I dont feel like fulfilling. For his 7th birthday he wanted to do a trampoline park. I googled and came across a couple of options and Flying Squirrel appealed him and us the most!

Birthday parties sound fun but holding one isn’t as easy and simple/fun as it sounds. From planning activities to food and entertainment – its nothing short of packing a bundle of stress for parents! Once we were sure of the venue, invites were sent and all we had to do was take a cake to the party and that was it!

What to expect?

On the day of his birthday, my son was as excited as any kid would be! We were asked to arrive 15 minutes before the party time and after meeting our host for the evening, I realized this might just be the stress free party I so wanted for my kid …….. and myself πŸ™‚ It certainly was! The host made it super easy and enjoyable with casual talks until all the kids were ready to fly in the biggest trampoline park in Calgary.

They had set up our table with all that was needed – plates, cutlery, napkins and water bottles. They also had ample space smartly designed for gifts, shoes and kids jackets. We opted for a weeknight party and that wasnt a bad idea we realized after all – we literally had the whole place to ourselves ……. who wouldnt want that ….. πŸ™‚

They had enough staff supervising the kids so safety was definitely a priority and that was visible. My husband and I were at first concerned about how to handle boys in the age range 7-12 but this stress too was brilliantly handled by the staff on site. We literally spent most of our time relaxing on the comfy sofas mingling with other parents who had come to drop their kids but decided to stay on for longer.

The park is divided into various sections including a foam pit, dodge ball area, rope swing, battle beam, freestyle area, and a few private and VIP courts that helped kids enjoy an interesting variety of trampoline activities. 

When a bunch of kids, especially 20 boys, come together and that too for an activity that involves some adrenaline rush there is bound to be something or another. It so happened that a boy fell in the foam pit and slightly scratched himself. The on-duty staff were prompt in looking after the young man and provided him with first aid directly on site. They made sure he was properly looked after and even though this was just a small scratch, their quick and timely gesture showed how concerned they were and how serious they take any matters on safety for kids in their park.

In between playtime a special birthday announcement was made where all kids along with our party host sang “Momin” a birthday song. This made my boy feel extra special and not for a minute did we feel that it was a party in a public area. We felt this was our own very private affair.

Host guiding the kids towards the table


After an hour of playtime, kids were directed towards the table by the host where they were served fresh pizzas. Those were some yummy pizzas we have ever had. Hot, fresh and perfectly baked crisp cheese pizzas! I felt the snack break happened at the most appropriate time when most kids were hungry, thirsty and tired.

Needless to say most kids spent their time over dinner discussing their foam pit, battle beam and swing rope experiences. Kids enjoyed another half hour of playtime after pizzas before they gathered again at the table for cake and gifts.

Just as my son had wanted I made a customized venue cake. This was the centre of attention for most kids – a completely naked vanilla cake in the colours of Flying Squirrel – exactly how momin had wanted! I felt my efforts were all rewarded when I saw the big smile on his face after he had a fun day in the foam pit and was finally cutting through his cake. The cake was a living reality for him!

From entering the largest trampoline park in Canada to setting our dues with the reception, everything was very well organized. It was a no hassle birthday and all I had to do was bring in a cake to the venue! No stress of providing entertainment to kids or thinking about food or the after party clean up. What else would one wish for if you know everything can be taken care off! 

The entertainment was provided by the trampolines and the fresh hot pizzas provided the fuel for fun. Once most of the energy was drained a sugar rush (aka cake) came to the rescue.

Almost two and a half hours of party time ended too soon for kids and by the time they were leaving, everyone was already making plans of visiting the place again. If you are in Calgary, you need to visit this place or just plan a hassle free birthday party. 

You will be surely getting a compliment from your kid after throwing a hassle free fun party!

And just like that my younger one said;

β€œThank you mama – you are the best!”

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