Fun X Energy = InjaNation

Having active boys in my house means a constant struggle to engage them in activities. This struggle reaches its peak when I have to plan their birthdays! My elder son was turning tween this year and set his demands straight that it should be something age appropriate. Luckily my stars were favourable and google search landed me with InjaNation’s Teen & Tween night party.

InjaNation is a family owned indoor adventure park that offers many different activities including climbing, obstacle courses and trampolines. There is something for every age group in that park. We opted for a Tween night party so all the kids present at the venue would be the same age. Hence the more kids the more merrier their party became! Lights and music added to the fun atmosphere!

The booking process was very simple and I was pleasantly surprised that there were no back and forth emails or phone calls to discuss the details. Closer to the event date, I had a call from InjaNation to confirm the kids names and this made our entry to the indoor adventure park very smooth. No waiting in the long lineups and our host led our party to the party room directly along with the respective wristbands and socks for all the kids. Literally within minutes of our arrival, all the kids were burning their energies in the park.

Birthday boy (hiding in this picture) was so eager to play with his friends that there was no time for retakes on this picture. We had around 20 hyper active boys in our party and I was very concerned how I will keep an eye on everyone. But very early on in the park I became completely stress free knowing the staff was quite helpful and attentive. The indoor park is divided into many different sections and the best part was each section was supervised by trained professionals who kept on guiding and informing kids about the safety instructions. What more would I want knowing that kids were supervised in good hands.

The park had many options and depending on interest and preference everyone enjoyed their time. My younger one, being the athletic sort, loves to climb was in for a treat in the climbing zone. Pole climbing seemed difficult to most of the kids but once the staff geared them with proper harnesses and guided them most of the kids became a pro. I enjoyed witnessing kids on the speed wall as 2 kids were able to compete with each other turning it into a challenge for them.  

The elder kids challenged each other by racing through Ninja Warrior and Military obstacle courses. The obstacle courses were designed in a way that kids of all ages were engaged and wanted to finish each course again and again. Some kids were competing with each other and others were time tracking.

There was even a mini course that younger ones enjoyed. Since these were rigorous courses, instructions were given to the kids to wear their shoes. The staff was very encouraging and if someone was stuck or needed some motivation, one of the team members would appear from somewhere and boost the kids confidence.

I guess kids were trained well to apply for a position in the armed forces 😉 These obstacle courses were not age bound and everyone including adults will enjoy. Our next friends night out is sorted.

It felt like a family environment and the positive energy vibes were coming from all sides with disco lights and music. Calgary has limited options for obstacle courses and this family owned business took care of all of us as a community!

Half way through the party kids were fueled with the in house fresh oven hot pizza. Our party room was set with required disposables needed for food and cake which made me realize that this was another less thing that was taken care off without any hassle.

Galaxy Cake

I wonder I was living under a rock before discovering this place which provided entertainment, food, fun, energetic atmosphere and cool energy vibes were flowing out of the young crowd.

They also had the option of gluten free pizza in case anyone had special dietary requirements. The ease of getting hot food on our table with no stress of after party clean up made me sure that this was the correct decision.

The party wasn’t over with cake and pizza infact these kids were even more energetic with their tummies full to explore the battle beam section in the trampoline area. Since we opted for a TEEN and TWEEN night, all the kids present in the venue were more or less of the same age with the exception of my younger one who couldn’t miss his bro’s birthday.

Battle beam area was another hot spot for our kids. All the kids were trying to balance themselves and at the same time courageously bumping their opponent in the foam pit. Supervised by the staff these kids were within limits and at the same time enjoying.

During the last hour of the party most kids opted for dodge ball and they divided themselves into teams and had a blast until one of the staff member challenged to do tug-of the war! Our kids competed against the staff and actually won the war.

As a gift each kid got a coupon (which wasn’t part of our party plan) to visit InjaNation at a very low rate. I was overly busy with work before this party and it slipped from my mind to do party favors but InjaNation provided these coupons to do the honors. Win Win situation as later I was teasing my son that it was one of the many surprises for him by me 😉

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