Floral Ruffle Cake

Autumn days are always better whenever I think about various acts of kindness by “others”. This would be getting a gentle hug for no reason, a caring friend dropping by to check on me, a bouquet of flowers to lift my day or a special CAKE. 

But surprisingly this cake was not an act of kindness by someone but an act of kindness to someone herself. It was ordered by a lovely lady for her own birthday. I loved her enthusiasm as she was planning her special celebration and didn’t wait for a friend/spouse/relative to plan, infact she planned her day in her own style. She gave me ideas and trusted my style as she thought cake would be more of a decor and not many people will eat it. She was wrong as later I heard from her how she and everyone at the party were raving about the flavour and look of the cake. 

I made gum paste roses a few days in advance and placed them asymmetrically on ruffled borders. One tool that makes my flower journey easy is a ball tool.

Various fondant stripes were placed on the cake in a way as to create this look. Later, each layer was hand painted with gold shimmer dust mixed with lemon extract to give the final gold touch.

You can never go wrong with my signature Chocolate Ferraro Roche flavour (sharing my recipe at the end). Wrapped fondant ruffles and flowers made this cake classy, elegant and just perfect for the occasion. 

Customized toppers illuminate the whole look of the cake. I made a double layered topper with pink background and gold sheer front. Double layer toppers are the new trend I guess. I added a butterfly just to make sure this was a girlie girl.

2 thoughts on “Floral Ruffle Cake

  1. What a amazing post … I can see how beautiful it would have turned out to be!

    Happy birthday Maria … you deserve to celebrate your special day 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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