~ SookePoint ~ Ocean Cottage Resort

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a stone has been lying untouched. There are times when we are looking just to refresh our minds. The past few months have been very tiresome for us as a family and this short vacation was the answer to our tiredness.

Craving for a naturalistic spot, my husband came across a lovely cottage resort; an hour drive from Victoria. He decided to splurge on this cottage and treat our eyes to the spectacular ocean views. February happens to be my birthday month and my husband planned this beautiful place as a gift for my 35th birthday.

It was a beautiful drive from Victoria to Sookepoint with ocean flowing on one side. Winding roads through forests and exploring around, we arrived at the cottage mid day.

As soon as we entered the cottage, it felt like a dream come true. I have mostly seen such views in movies but this was my movie and I wasn’t playing a role but enjoying reality. The weather was favorable with sun shinning brightly, the waves hitting the shores and I couldn’t help but be grateful for being in that moment.

The cottage rules were mentioned on one of the walls and it touched my heart!

The living room had open glass windows giving access to the balcony facing the ocean. Clear blue skies with emerald green water could not be captured by the camera eye. You need to witness to see what it actually felt!

The cottage had 2 cozy bedrooms with an en-suite washroom and laundry with the master bedroom. Every room had its own fireplace and TV making sure there was no fight over the TV remote. Adults and kids could enjoy their unwinding times without bothering anyone!

When we are at peace with ourselves, our mind and heart cooperate with us too! Did I make any sense? Well certainly I was at peace and could do some work while enjoying ocean views and sipping my cup of hot tea!

The cottage had all the required utensils, pots and pans to make us comfortable for the 2 nights that we stayed.

There was no point in going back to Calgary (home) and leaving behind these views but life has to move on! We need to go back, work harder and earn more to enjoy more vacations!

Forever grateful for this opportunity to be able to spend some quality time over this family weekend!

Signing off to make more memories with my loved ones.

2 thoughts on “~ SookePoint ~ Ocean Cottage Resort

  1. I am humbly thankful to Allah Almighty ,(All Praise belongs to Him )and of course Suleman for arranging a beautiful treat in the form of this amazing vacation …
    Lovely write up… Highly appreciate your way of acknowledgement! So proud of you,Ma Sha Allah ! May you Always Be Blessed With His Infinite Bounties… Aameen, Love you loads ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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