LEGO means Lets go!

I am a Lego mom 😉 You thought I was too young or too immature to be a mom? Well to be honest, I still want to get pampered by my parents but coming to the reality I need to play the role of a good mama and like all moms out there provide the best of everything to my kids! Be it their physical needs or emotional ones, I’m making an effort to provide them with what is in my control.

Recently my younger one had his 8th birthday and he is the sort who loves to build, play, analyze and then destroy lego and later recreate something different with his lego bricks. His growing interest in LEGO isn’t surprising to me. Since he was 2, he started building small figures out of lego bricks. Recently he build an helicopter that is more age appropriate for 14 year olds.

Lego brick table at Bricks 4 Kidz

This just makes me happy as he is developing the critical side of the brain and at the same time burning his energies in a constructive way. I really wish (don’t want to impose though) that my younger one decides to do Robotics engineering with his increasing interest in lego! 

With his growing interest in lego and patience to build I knew he would want a Lego party this year! A Pikachu Lego theme birthday seemed like a great idea and I thought I’ll manage something at home but with his social personality it wasn’t possible to cater 15 boys at home.

I was looking for options and came across and to be honest finding a lego place was a big relief! Bricks 4 Kidz have recently opened their own creativity centre where birthday parties can be catered. They hold various classes/camps for kids as well.

Building zone along with the ramp where kids can race their figures

Coming back to the 2 hour long party I had a few concerns and was worried if everyone would be able to finish making their builds; in our case every kid was making a robot. Fortunately, the team at Bricks 4 Kidz had planned it well that not only did kids managed to make robots and played with them but later made their mini figures on a racer for zip lining activity.

Ziplining Section

For birthday parties they have many special themes depending on the child’s interest. Minecraft, Pokemon, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Super Hero’s or a basic build like a movable car or plane. In our case, we left home with Pikachu theme in mind and hence that ballon accompanied us but later Momin changed his mind (just like any kid would do if he is given fancy options) and opted for the robot.

Im a clean freak and can’t tolerate dirty hands or dishes 😉 Can you imagine, the team at bricks 4 Kidz had kept 5 minutes designated for hand washing before we served the food! these 5 minutes were part of 2 hours. Hygiene station was easily accessible to all kids with proper washing and sanitizing instructions.

Hand Washing Station

While building lego, I could see how all the kids were deeply involved and surely persistence was the key. Staff kept on encouraging kids to have a go, take their time and voila a robot was created. They provided motors and it moved its head as well. Having fun is great but if it provides some fine motor skills and develop the analytical side of the brain, its a win win situation!

Kids were very comfortable as we were the only ones in the facility.

The whole place is booked for one particular party making kids comfortable. I was also very relaxed and not worried that I can loose track of any kid. Mommy brain issues were sorted.

A designated room had all the lego tables with a zillion pieces where assembly instructions were provided by dedicated staff. In another room kids enjoyed zip lining with their lego figures and later cake and food was served in the party room.

Staff providing instructions

The staff greeted all the kids, hung their jackets and led them to the free play zone. once all the kids had arrived ,they provided the required instructions in a manner that was easily understood by kids. All the instructions were quite handy and everyone completed their tasks within the given time frame.

They provided plates, cups, forks and knives needed for the cake and food. Plus had a full functional kitchen so our pizzas were served hot and ice-cream cake stayed intact in the freezer.

The party room had a 6 foot tall Darth Vader that was made to look like a Lego man and kids enjoyed posing with it. The blessing for me was not to worry about clean up! After the party, we gathered our gifts and just left. it was a lego icing end to our day.

All the kids took their lego figures home as party favours and I’m sure they would be cherishing the time spent at the party! The birthday boy received a special lego present and he was too excited to add his latest build to his lego collection. 

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